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Here, Ray Weiss opines and makes probably incorrect assumptions about wargame design.

April Update

Hello everyone, hope all is well

Forgive me for not saying more sooner, but I’ve been hard at work getting DAMOS ready to go for a hopeful release later this month. The rules right now are with the editor and I am working on reinforcements to the Russian OOB that I overlooked. working hard to keep the games under 140 counters each so some units which would have been fleshed out in more detail may get consolidated into larger formations for the sake of simplicity. Ivan Caceres is doing the counter work again and it’s great looking, you’ll have to wait to see everything though as we’re still working out details.

The following is a tentative release schedule that I have in my bullet journal:


1995, AGN, AGC, AGS




Imperial Bayonets: Sedan 1870


Imperial Bayonets: Solferino 1859


Guns of the Americas: 1914-1919

There will likely be some other games too, I am in talks with a few designers about bringing their designs to us, as well as several projects I have started to keep busy while I wait for edits. As of now you can find our games worldwide as a store in Japan just bought 20 copies of games (need to get the name).

I think the next DAMOS game is likely to be something from the western or pacific front, would love to do Sealion/Overlord too. One of the games I’m working on is a point-point army level sim of the Franco Prussian war, don’t want to use cards as I don’t really like cards personally, once people know how to count them a game isn’t fun for me anymore, which is sadly what has happened to me with paths of glory, an amazing game in it’s own right.

Anyway, we are hard at work, as always you can reach me through the contact us link here. Everyone who ordered 1864 should also get shortly a replacement map and counters (unless they said they did not need them) on us. Also looking into the idea of hosting a small 1-3 day convention in Manhattan. I have a lead on a great space near union square that while not as gigantic as most conventions, we could set up 4-6 really big tables filled with our games or others you bring in. I would buy pizza for everyone, t-shirts, and try to get a hotel deal somewhere for people coming in from out of town. If this is something you have experience with doing, shoot me an email, I could use some help.

With love


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