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Here, Ray Weiss opines and makes probably incorrect assumptions about wargame design.

The 2140 Series

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Welcome to the design blog for Conflict Simulations Limited. Here we will discuss upcoming games, some of the ideas and rationale behind them, and other gaming related issues.

Our plan is to first release a large set of games under the 2140 Series. These games all take 2 hours to complete at most, include 140 counters, and are all very re-playable. Pains were took to ensure that players wouldn’t get only 1 play out of a $30 game. All of the games focus on low-complexity rules that allow players to immerse themselves within the framework of the spacial simulation. Players are not forced, but encouraged to follow historical strategies or tactics in an attempt to showcase history in motion.

A little introduction: my name is Ray Weiss and I’ve been designing wargames for several years. I had always wished there were more GDW 120 series titles and this is basically a homage to that series, but studying different topics. I tend to be fairly manic and work non-stop on nothing but game ideas so instead of trying to shop out a billion games at once, I decided to bite the bullet and get into the ‘distinguished’ and non-lucrative field of wargame publishing.

I am quite positive mistakes will be made, things may get misspelled, need errata, or other things go wrong in general, but since this is primarily a 1 man show I will attempt to do my best. Though I wouldn’t be able to do this without the select help of a few entities and individuals, namely Blue Panther LLC for printing, Matt Ward for development, and Tim Allen for map art and design advice in general. The contributions of these and countless others is why I am able to go ahead with this and Im extremely grateful for all of their input.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the games, I hope on putting them out fairly frequently as long as they don’t suck, this is primarily what I do with all my time. In time, I will set up a Patreon which will get you new games as they come out, and even a personal design request!

With Love

Ray Weiss

Founder, CSL

Ray Weiss