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CSL cats Joey Stalin (left) & Leon Trotsky (right).

CSL cats Joey Stalin (left) & Leon Trotsky (right).

Ray Weiss

Ray Weiss is the owner, operator, and lead designer of Conflict Simulations LLC. He has been designing games of all types for a decade, but wargames for the past 3-4 years. At the moment he does nothing other than wargame design and research given a crazy set of life circumstances. He enjoys designing games, reading, and watching true crime television. He is also talking to some established designers about bringing some new games to CSL.

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Matt Ward

Matt ward is our lead developer for all of our games. He has experience developing the Panzer Grenadier series among lots of playtesting and other game related experience. He very graciously fields constant facebook messages from Ray on random design questions. Without Matt, most of our games would likely be little more than game kits.


Nick Wade

Nick Wade is our volunteer in-house editor. He has the mammoth job of taking the cryptic scribbling of Ray and Matt’s combined efforts into a readable, playable, and coherent product. We are so incredibly grateful for Nick given none of us are good at editing and Nick is really top notch. We are usually reluctant to post anything until Nick has looked at it and gave it the OK. Thanks Nick!


Trevor Henderson

Trevor Henderson is our volunteer in-house formatting guy. You may notice that our rule books are beautifully laid out in the classic SP skinny column style, you can thank Trevor for that. Another member we are incredibly grateful for, we would have looked terribly unprofessional to begin with, without Trevor. Trevor is also a connoisseur of alternative music in near constant support of his friends gigging and playing out, not to mention his family, where does he get the time? Thanks Trevor!


Ivan Caceres

Ivan is our in-house illustrator for counters and boxes. Ivan creates all of the beautiful components (minus the map and rules) that comes with our games, most notably the box art. He is also a game designer in his own right and has been helping Ray design components years before CSL was a thought.