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The Earth As Their Memorial PRE-ORDER

The Earth As Their Memorial PRE-ORDER

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This is a Pre-Order, you will be charged now and sent the game when it is complete. Estimated release date of Q4 2019.

The Earth As Their Memorial is the first game in our new Operations of Antiquity Series of games which offer a moderately complex set of operational rules at an epic scale focused on Logistics, Maneuver and Charisma. Strategic options are also available so players can truly test the limits of history.

The Earth As Their Memorial covers the ancient campaign of attrition waged between Sparta, Athens and their respective allies, the Peloponnese and Delian leagues., bringing a violent and destructive end to the golden age of Greece along with Athenian hegemony in Hellas (Greece).

Each turn is approximately 1 year and players can either play through the whole war, or the individual phases. The game should also play relatively well solo given the method of activation. No CRT is used. Both players will have to manage the unique challenges of supplying and leading ancient forces.

Design by Ray Weiss
Developed by Matt Ward
Map by Ilya Kudriashov
Counters by Ivan Caceres

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