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Slogball: Cricket in the 19th c. PRE-ORDER

Slogball: Cricket in the 19th c. PRE-ORDER

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PRE-ORDER: Estimated release Q1 2020.

Slogball is a simulation game covering the game of Cricket as it was played during it’s heyday. Long before Baseball became a phenomenon of it’s own, Cricket then and today is followed religiously by its fans and patrons with the same devotion to statistics and management philosophy as in Baseball. That said, fans of Cricket have been denied the privilege baseball fans have enjoyed for decades being able to simulate games with analog rules, Slogball changes all that allowing players to plug in the stats of their favorite players, or create their own, and simulate a full game of Cricket within 30-45 minutes. The added bonus of simulating the game in the 19th century includes all of the insane freak events that happened throughout various games, like where a ball was stuck in a tree and 236 runs were scored sometime in 1890. Slogball includes rules for freak events using historical events as a basis. Slogball features:

  • Fully functioning simulation, uses players raw Batting and Bowling averages. Easily plug in the stats of current or otherwise historical players.

  • Create your own players, teams and leagues with rules for their progression, management, injuries and more.

  • Get started quickly with either the historical debacle of The Ashes with England and Australia in 1882 or with the fictional Victorian Gentlemen’s League of 1890 created using the included generators.

  • Keep track of score easily using included scoring sheets and rules for a basic cricket scoring shorthand.

  • 22x17” map and 140 counters allowing you to watch your games in action should you choose not to keep score.

  • Inspired by W.M. Akers best selling Deadball and Deadball: 1909

Design by Ray Weiss

Developed by Matt Ward

Art by Ivan Caceres

WEIGHT: 2/10


PLAYERS: 1-2 (or many more with league play)

More information and components coming soon…

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