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Imperial Bayonets: Solferino 1859: For Liberty & Lombardy PRE-ORDER

Imperial Bayonets: Solferino 1859: For Liberty & Lombardy PRE-ORDER

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PRE-ORDER - Expected Release: Summer or Fall of 2019. This is NOT a 2140 series game.

Imperial Bayonets is a new planned series of Grand Tactical wargames covering the 18th-19th centuries. The series rules use a hack of the tried and true NLB mechanics in order to simulate what as, at the time, the largest campaign since Leipzig. 1859 occupies an interesting place in military history, post Crimean war, tactics had barely improved much beyond their Napoleonic forefathers. Cavalry had been rendered nearly useless in terms of shock, and artillery began to dominate the battlefield even more so than it already did.

1859 also is notable as it features one of the last successful campaigns of Napoleon III and the French Second Empire. The French martial philosophy of Le Systeme D’ (loosely translated to ‘Muddling Through’) which doomed them to failure in 1870 against Prussia, propelled them to victory against a much lesser opponent in Austria. Fresh off their victory in the Crimea, France and Piedmont were considered two of the finest armies in the world.

For Liberty & Lombardy includes 4 stand-alone games on the major battles of the campaign.

All of the rules and most of the art is already finished but everything needs to be reformatted, part of pre-order profits will go towards doing so.

Check out the series rules here

More information to come soon…

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