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Guns Of The Americas PRE-ORDER

Guns Of The Americas PRE-ORDER

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PRE ORDER: Estimated release Q1 2020

Guns of the Americas is a strategic scale hypothetical that examines what a renewed conflict between the states would look like during the first world war. The history behind the game is that the South manages to win a truce during the Civil War and the USA remains divided up until WW1. The North allies with Germany while the South allies with the Entente (the rationale being both the ethnic makeup and trading relationships of both regions). The North must execute a Schliffen-like plan to take out the south before they can coordinate fully with their Canadian and Mexican allies.

The game includes units for the USA, CSA, Germany, Japan, France, Canada and Mexico. 2 large maps depict north America from Mexico City to Quebec. The game’s mechanics are derived and inspired from Mark Simonitch’s The US Civil War while introducing several new ideas and layers of complexity such as Naval and Air operations as well as card assisted mechanics. I designed this game a while ago for a AAA company but got the title back when I started CSL, and have been working to improve and refine the game since. I want to make this the modern day Invasion America from ye old SPI and our first real “monster game”.

WEIGHT: 8/10



Game by Ray Weiss

Developed by Matt Ward

Map by Ilya Kudriashov

Box/Counter art by Ivan Caceres

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Playtesting map poorly made by me

Playtesting map poorly made by me

older playtest

older playtest

Near Richmond/Washington

Near Richmond/Washington